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Crypto Currencies

A 'crypto currency'

(or “crypto”) is a digital currency that can be used to buy goods and services, but uses an online ledger with strong cryptography to secure online transactions. Crypto currencies work using a technology called blockchain. Blockchain is a decentralized technology spread across many computer systems that manage and record transactions.



XDX is a token currency issued on the XRPL. It will be used as a currency on all applications we deliver developed by

D.P.Monks Finance.

The initial issuance of XDX began in October 2021 and approximately 70%+ was airdropped to trust lines on the XRPL between November and December 2021.


The XDX token will function firstly as a currency for enhanced trading features on 'Project XD1' the 'RaDical-X exchange, a NFT Exchange on the XRPL. The  utilised role will consist of activating trading features on RaDical-X, currency for biding features, Validation and a Governance payment token for additional qualifying exchange features.

Owning the XDX token will bring a multitude of benefits to decentralised wallets in the future, these will consist of airdrops of other native issued currency's that function with other applications and annually NFT airdrop rewards.

xdx chart.jpeg

XDX is Available on:

  • -XUMM Wallet      

  • -Sologenic Wallet

  • -OnXRP

  • -XRPLCoins

  • -LiveCoinWatch

  • -XpMarket

  • -P2PB2B


The RDX token is a utility token utilised to our NFT exchange 'RaDical-X' (project xd1). Ownership of RDX will qualify the user on the platform with additional utilised and enhanced benefits for NFT trading and Governance/Validation features.

The RDX token was issued in 2021 and delivered to XDX token holders decentralised wallets in February of 2022. Approximately 70%+ was airdropped at a ratio of 100k XDX to receive 1 RDX token.

On the RaDical-X NFT exchange below are the qualifying requirements for ownership to use the additional and enhanced features.

  1. 0.000001 RDX - Qualifies to create/mint NFTs.

  2. 0.001 RDX - Governance

  3. 0.01 RDX - Validation


RDX is Available on:

  • -XUMM Wallet      

  • -Sologenic Wallet

  • -OnXRP

  • -XRPLCoins

  • -LiveCoinWatch

  • -XpMarket



The rhad crypto token will be released on our analytical application currently known as 'project xd2' looking to go live in 2022.

IT will be built with smart contract functionality and hooks. Available to xdx holders on a single airdrop when project xd2 goes live.


 the rhad token will have a specific functionality on project 'xd2' where it is rewarded through utilising the application as a utility token to earn passive income.

xdx holders will recieve 1 rhad token for every 10,000 xdx owned.

RHAD can only be earned/accumulated on project xd2.

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