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Future Projects, software, Design and Development

Projects will be cryptonym's (code named) with 'xd' labels to prevent fraudulent and malicious fake websites/applications duplicating our products for your xdx token.
all official launches will be on the announcements page with links from this source only.

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Project List

 Projects under design and development 2021-2023

   0. Project 1      - XDX Token issuance (XRPL) 

  1. Project XD1  - NFT Exchange (XDX-RDX)

  2. Project XD2  - Analytical/Educational (XDX-RHAD)

  3. Project XD3  - Game Finance/ AVA application (XDX)



  •   xsl20-Sandbox.Rippletest (NFT's on xrpl)

  •   Hooks-Testnet-V2 (XD2/XD3 transactions)

  •   Federated sidechains (stablecoin)

NFT Programs

  •   Ava - Automated virtual animations (project XD3)

  •   MINI NFT - Collectible 

Mobile applications coming:

  1.   Radical-x NFT Exchange (project XD1)

  2.   Shiba NFT 

  3.   Wallet (part 1 of 2 - XD2)

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project 1: xdx Token issue on xrpl
TYPE: xdx currency test phase

test date:         24-Oct-21

Launch date:    November  Success 

the xdx token will be tested from the 24-oct-2021 up to the predicted airdrop date. 

transaction tests will be carried out on the xrpl along with issuing onto XRPL dex wallets using the quote code and custom issue for pairing against other currencies for trading.

launch update:

The xdx token was successfully launched and delivered in Q4 of 2021.

- White listed users received 168,200 xdx in November 2021

- 87k trustlines were airdropped 48,800 xdx in December 2021

RaDical X logo.jpeg
Project XD1
RaDical-X platform.jpeg

project XD1: development
TYPE: NFT Exchange on XRPL

test date:         April 2022

Launch date:    XLS-20 Live

Test platform - xls20d live

Project XD1 is a NFT Exchange on the XRPL identified as 'RaDical-X'.

The NFT Exchange has been designed differently to traditional NFT exchanges on other blockchains and looks to improve and speed up NFT trading utilising the XRPL's efficient speed, scalability and low cost network functionality.

Radical-x platform Features:

  • Connect wallet (decentralised trading)

  • NFT creation/minting

  • Trading floor (categories)

  • RaDical bid (confidential)

  • biding feature (confidential)

  • 2nd biding feature (confidential)

  • power bid (confidential)

  • validation feature (confidential)

  • Governance voting

Road Map.jpeg

project XD2: xd2 design/development
Type:         analytical application

test date:         June 2022+  (predicted)

Launch date:    nov 2022     (predicted)

Project XD2 is a educational/analytical application for mobile devices designed to bring in new users safely into the XRPL and crypto.

project XD2 will involve chart analysts and traders able to exchange the value of information through the platform utilising the XDX and RHAD token.

Trader is carrying out a research of historic data of stock market behaviour by pointing t

project XD3: Design/development
TYPE: Gamefi AR/VR application

test date:         Q2 2023

Launch date:    TBC

Project XD3 is a game finance mobile application on the XRPL.

project xd3 will involve NFT characters know as cryptonatorz (AVA) that users will need to own to play the game to earn crypto value in a competitive augmented reality game style in either training your character for improved attributes or taking on a opponent.

xd3 will not launch until 2023+ but until then a series of characters will be built in preparation for the app that will be available as nft's on the xrpl.


current characters available:

  1. rdx ava

  2. RDX AVA 'Artisan'

  3. ​xdx ava 001

  4. XSQUAD 'Guardian'

  5. XSQUAD AVA 'hunter'

  6. Xdx ava 'blaze'

  7. XRP AVA

XDX AVA 001_edited.jpg
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