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xumm wallet

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To receive xdx you will need to use the xumm decentralised crypto wallet/dex.
The XDX token can be exchanged on the wallet with xrp.

XUMM is a non custodial xrp ledger client (wallet), meaning you, and only you, have access to your funds because your funds are in your own wallet, to which you own the keys. Keys are encrypted securely on your IOS/Android device.
To receive the xdx token through XUMM, you will need to download the 'xumm' wallet.
(Links below) 

 You will need to send the crypto currency xrp into the xumm wallet to cover the reserve for activation and trust line.

Once the xumm wallet is active and you have enough xrp to cover additional trust lines, click the link below to open the trustline

and exchange xrp for xdx.

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