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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, The Future of Technology

The two terms, Blockchain, and cryptocurrency are thrown around here and there these days, making them highly mainstream with the majority still lacking the fundamental understanding of what they are or what are their applications. It is vital that content must be provided to the novice participants who are still inexperienced and need to familiarise themselves with the phenomenon on a basic and understandable level.

October 2021

Futuristic collage of excited african american guy enjoying virtual reality glasses experi

Putting it as simply as possible, Blockchain is a system of recording information in a manner that makes it impossible to manipulate the information stored. The information in Blockchain cannot be hacked, changed, or the system that contains the system be cheated in any way possible. In other words, it is a “digital ledger” of a transaction that is not only duplicated but also distributed across the entire network of computer systems that are a part of the said network or on the Blockchain.


It is here that we must talk about the “Distributed Ledger Technology” or DLT. It records transactions with an immutable cryptographic signature which is called “Hash”. Each block on the Blockchain network contains a number of transactions, which records each new transaction taking place on the Blockchain, recording it on the ledger of each participant. This database is entirely decentralised with no governing body, however, it is still managed by multiple participants, hence the name DLT.


Some of its key properties include:

  • It is programmable, which means smart contracts can be formulated with ease

  • It is distributed, which means all participants of the network have a copy of the ledger, ensuring complete transparency

  • It is highly secure, given that all records are encrypted individually

  • It is immutable, meaning that all validated records are irreversible and cannot be changed

  • The decisions made are unanimous, as all the participants agree towards the validity of each record

  • All the transactions are recorded with a timestamp


Some may wonder, why all this hype around Blockchain and what is the ultimate application of this technology? Well, in the past, numerous attempts have been made to create digital currency with all of them ending in failure. The most fundamental aspect of this was a failure was the lack or absence of trust.


With the arrival of Blockchain, this issue was resolved, given that it is completely decentralised, meaning it is free of any possible manipulation or meddling. There is no one in charge and no one can hack, fake, use the system for their personal gains. This is why currency generated with this system can be said to have real value.

By now, you must have a clear idea that cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is secured by cryptography. It cannot be manipulated, nor can it be double-spent, or counterfeited. These cryptocurrencies are decentralised networks that are based on the aforementioned Blockchain technology. The most distinct feature of cryptocurrency is that it is decentralised, meaning it is free of the intrusion of any governing authority. Cryptocurrencies are used as a medium of secure online payments.


From centuries ago when we used to deal in barter system to using salt as a form of currency, and then slowly moving to precious metals like gold and silver, and finally coming all the way to using paper currency, we are at the precipice of yet another evolution. Digital assets such as cryptocurrency and now, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are starting to assert dominance. NFTs are “one-of-a-kind” digital assets some of which are worth over millions. Think of them as digital property that is non-tangible but holds equal and in some instances, more value than physical property.


Blockchain Technology and the use of crypto assets are transferable digital representations that are designed in a way that prohibits their copying or duplication. The protocol of a Blockchain can provide open-source distributed ledger technologies able to record transactions between two parties efficiently. This in effect means applications or dApps (decentralised applications) can be built without having to flow through a central entity. There are multiple ways to utilise cryptocurrencies/assets and its technologies in a way more than just an exchange of value.


All the assets that exist in the world, whether that be stocks, fiat currency, gold, property, are subjected to deflation. With Blockchain ushering us into the next era, we now know that its applications have created ripples in all the aspects of life, reaching far past finance. From AI to self-driving cars with digital wallets, and all the way up to the biggest technical revolution we are about to encounter, i.e. Web 3.0, the role of not just Blockchain, but cryptocurrency is pre-emptively established.


With more than 11,800 tokens and more upcoming, there is a continuous uptrend of crypto that seemingly won’t be stopping soon, making it the next big thing, and the most valuable asset of the future. An asset that is truly impervious to deflation. Deflatory crypto assets are finite in their existence because they are produced in a limited amount, add the burning functionality to the equation and you have yourself a unique asset, truly Deflationary in nature. It is noteworthy that throughout human history, we haven’t had a true Deflatory asset, but crypto is about to change that. The coin supply on some tokens is reduced by burning, making the existing tokens more valuable and locking their price, which can potentially go up but may never reduce as long as the token is utilised. One can argue that gold is impervious to deflation but more gold can always be mined and in the future, if gold in the ocean is made accessible (approx. 221 million tons), the value of gold is naturally going to go down, making its price deflate as the amount of asset in circulation increases.

Double exposure of businessman shows modern technology as concept _edited_edited.png

It is worth mentioning that we are headed towards the next evolution of the internet, Tim Berners-Lee who was the inventor of the “World Wide Web” called it “Semantic Web”. A more intelligent, autonomous, and open internet that connects all the data in a decentralised fashion in contrast to the data being stored in centralised repositories as is the case with web 2.0 (our present internet). The data will not only be more accessible, but more intractable. All the web 3.0 will operate through decentralised protocols which is the founding technology of cryptocurrency and Blockchain. It is likely there will be a seamless integration of different technologies with automated interoperability enabled by the power of smart contracts.


From the chart above you can see that between the years 2014 to 2016 the crypto market was relatively flat with little to no interest in the technology. However, over the past few recent years, the technology has become increasingly more adopted before exploding.


With companies now adopting the technologies not only as a 'store of value' or a hedge against inflation, but are now beginning to implement crypto technology and its utilities by moving not just value, but information more efficiently, cheaper and faster.


To put things into perspective, the worldwide adoption of crypto has jumped over 880% where numerous P2P platforms are driving the use of cryptocurrency in a number of emerging markets. A report issued by Chainalysis lists the top 20 countries in their 2021 Global Crypto Adoption Index, along with their rankings in the three-component metrics that make up the overall rankings.


The Crypto market is growing at a rapid pace with over 10k different types of tokens available from the beginning of 2021. Even big companies like Tesla are showing great interest in the sector, going as far as purchasing $1.5 billion in Bitcoins.


At the present, the crypto market has hit the milestone of $2 trillion +. Though in comparison to other assets, its total market cap is still significantly small, but the aggregate crypto market cap over the last 4 years progressed from $17 billion in 2017 to a high of $827 billion in early 2018 on the back of the ICO bubble, where it stayed between the range of $100 and $400 billion until 2019. From there onwards, it made its ascend to $1 trillion, from where it made its way up to two trillion and there are no signs of it stopping. It is a multi-dimensional digital value container that is based on entirely new market infrastructure.

For a crypto project to succeed it must have a use case or form of utility to solve a problem. With so many projects available it is hard to dissect a true project or company over a malicious or fraudulent one.


It is predicted that 60% +, of crypto projects are fraudulent, with 10%+ still live for trading that are completely dead.


Additionally, we know that hyper-rush towards the adoption and investment in the cryptocurrency to make rapid profits over the course of the past several years has not only caught the attention of the investors, but also of the digital scammers, who have already robbed millions off of not just individuals, but organisations around the world. Quite recently, there has been news of a token called “Squid Game” ($SQUID) circulating in the media that has robbed its investors of $3.36 million. The token’s value rose to as much as $2861 at its peak, but on November 1st, the project was yanked out by its creators. The liquidity pool disappeared and the token’s value fell to that of 1/3rd of a cent.


Prior to this, another scam pulled off by Ruja Ignatova, aka, the Crypto Queen, was dubbed the “one of the biggest scams in history”. She initiated a Cryptocoin coin called “OneCoin” in 2014, an elaborated Ponzi scheme that robbed its investors and stakeholder of billions. She is still at large and wanted for charges including wire fraud, securities fraud, and money laundering. If she is ever apprehended, she will face a sentence of up to 90 years, that is, if she is ever caught.


These are just a few of many examples that goes to show how dangerous and brutal this industry can get for newbies. This is where D.P.Monks Finance steps in to change the way Blockchain technology is viewed and used.


Experts have suggested three key indicators that can help differentiate a fake crypto project from a real one. They advise that one must ascertain that the project is powered by an actual Blockchain along with having an actual business plan that is directed towards solving a real issue (as you will find, D. P. Monk’s Finance crypto currencies and assets are directed towards that exact purpose, to serve with actual utility.


The three tell-tale signs to identify fake cryptocurrencies include:

Stock Exchange
  • Fake websites or imposter websites are one of the main indicators of a scam where imposter websites, resembling original websites or even websites for new coins’ pop up. Always look at the URL bar where if you can’t spot “HTTPS” or a small lock icon that indicates security, know that it is a scam. Also, if the site directs you to another platform for payment, it is an indicator of a cryptocurrency scam.

wl 16.jpg
  • Fake mobile apps are also a tool utilised by scammers that have fooled hundreds and thousands, mugging them of millions. Though these apps get taken down fairly quickly by the stakeholders, sometimes they do get away with what they intend to do.

  • They may not have any social media presence whatsoever. Even if they do, chances are they might not be verified. For instance, the Twitter account may not have that small blue tick you see in the names of celebrities or verified Twitter accounts of brands, social media celebrities, VIPs, etc.

  • Aside from that, if you are already involved in trading, you may get scammed by imposters who are pretending to be representatives of the original cryptocurrencies and trying to lure you into traps like ICO’s. under no circumstances, you are to share your verification passcode with anyone no matter how much they claim to be the representative or even the owner of “a said” cryptocurrency.


D.P. Monks Finance aims to take advantage of the use of Blockchain technology more than just a growing value of tokens to trade but as a company act as a bridge to bring in new people to the global crypto community where they can feel safe and secure using our projects and make a profit along the way. Distributing tokens on projects they wish to be a part of and in the digital world, for the work they do on our platforms earn different forms of passive income and value.




D.P. Monks Finance, established in December 2020 is a UK-based company that is involved with funding, designing, and production of Crypto-related projects, their effective utilisation, and applications.

Our Aim

The Company’s objectives are versatile pertaining to the utilisation of blockchain technology to develop decentralised applications (dApps) along with generic apps in order to meet the needs of the people stepping into the realm of Cryptocurrency. The company aims to do that by initially creating its own cryptocurrency (XDX) that will serve to provide additional utility on the platform/s and application/s that will be built, and/or designed by D. P. Monks Finance Ltd.


The first project of the company that has been completed is kept in utmost secrecy due to its nature of uniqueness and ingenuity has been codenamed Project XD1. This white paper is aimed at the second project code named Project XD2.



What We Noticed

A Centralised leverage trading company can legally earn so much profit from many individual trade losses from retail investors. Especially with new traders coming into the market and the increase and use case of cryptocurrencies rising and tokenised stock in the future, newest traders if not educated will fail initially to never return.


What We Would Need To Consider

There are currently no trading forums/platforms or applications that exist where a new trader can visit and learn fundamental or technical information from multiple strong legitimate sources without having to pay some sort of subscription fee. Also not many exist where each trader or analyst is transparent with their trades to rank them on efficiency. Some platforms enable you to copy a particular traders trade, however, this is not sufficient where you can take a loss at someone else's trade execution, and a commission is paid in your profits for joint success.


​80% on Average Fail, why a lot of people do not trade.


​Investing and Trading should be challenging and rewarding, and there is always a risk, but the risk should not be emptying your capital, margining your leverage account to ZERO because of lack of understanding or education.


Below is a couple of example quotes from undisclosed leverage exchanges.




Although it is not specifically a leverage trading platform's responsibility for losses it is down to the individual trader that executes the trade.


However, the return for the leveraged exchange is extremely high compared to that of the retail investor.


There are many factors to why this might be the case and it’s not pointing directly to the leverage trading companies themselves but more the legitimacy of news, the experience shared from a third party, or just a massive lack of in-experience and education.


Two issues in the trade community for an inexperienced investor are identifying where to look for sound fundamental information and how to analyse a market technically.




First and foremost, infographics such as one depicted above are inherently boring and hard to digest for less experienced individuals. If the purpose is educating and providing feasibility, complex tactics beat the purpose before it has even begun.


Our Solution


D. P. Monks Finance First Application


Project XD2 is to be an analytical application with a native currency XDX that's tradable to investors, however spendable to low-income uneducated participants.


Even though there are a lot of novice traders who are still not experienced enough to understand what will work in their best interest, there are also some very bright and educated analysts in the world so in order for this to operate to its full functionality we would need to ensure a number of objectives were met in the design.


  • Trading Technical Education is completely free.

  • Analysts are ranked by efficiency

  • Analysts are paid for their predictions.

  • Strong Charting tools.

  • Communications in different markets.

  • Rewarded Crypto for being online.

  • Earning Crypto through APY features.

  • Airdrops capability (on every app for XDX holders)


The biggest opportunity we wish to offer to our platform participants is to use the application for free. Use the education features provided for free, and in time practice and display technical trading predictions that you then receive payment for by traders in which you then improve in rank on the platform for more people looking to use your analysis.


Understanding Project XD2


As we have previously mentioned, the idea behind XD2 is not only new, but it is brand new, innovative, and even revolutionary, something the like of which the world has not seen thus far. Though it may be hard to make sense of it at this point, in due time, XD2 will not only take the market by storm but also bring about the revolution the crypto space is so desperately in need of.


Our Tokens


The main cryptocurrency or the token of D.P. Monks Finance is XDX, which is already an active digital asset. The asset is the main or the direct currency of an innovative application about to be introduced to the market by D.P. Monks Finance Ltd which will have its focus directed towards analytical trading (not actual trading) with crypto where free educational content will be made available for beginners. XDX will serve as the actual currency of the application with more applications in the pipeline yet to be released by D.P. Monks Finance Ltd in due time.


Besides XDX, there are two more cryptocurrencies that will be released soon that will be used for the regulation and governance of the application mentioned above. XDX token has gone live for trading on the market on the 5th of November at an opening price of 1000 XDX/1 XRP = 0.001 $ where it will be traded as another cryptocurrency on the XRPL with smart contract capabilities (hooks) that will be attached in the coming year (2022).


Note: XDX is in no way directly connected to D.P. Monks Finance Ltd and can function as an independent token without the company’s efforts (point to note).


XDX is planned to be used in trades on decentralised exchanges and DeFi. The XDX token will be made available to be traded on major exchanges in the future utilised by our applications and hooking smart contract capable benefits.


The second token, which is not yet built but will be run on the aforementioned analytical application that is under construction by the company. The application remains confidential in order to prevent theft and to prevent any fraudulent activity that may be conducted in the name of the application. The token has been named RHAD which will have layer 1 smart contract capability which can only be earned by using the said confidential analytical application. The purpose of the application is to provide help and assistance to the traders along with free academic material. The application will be “crypto-first” and strictly for analytical purposes. The novice joiners (investors and traders) will have free training to help them get started on technical analysis.


Trained and professional analysts, on the other hand, can make money by making predictions along with being ranked as per the efficiency of their ranking. To help the traders, the application will host a variety of charts and advanced analysing features, and an efficiency ranking system.


The extra tokens being created will be airdropped to XDX holders that they will be able to earn on the applications launched by D.P. Monks Finance Ltd.


Finally, the third token, code-named XDH, will be a rare governance token that will be distributed among XDX and RHAD holders at later stages of the project.





XDX Token is built on the XRPL. (blackholed)


Issue Acc.: rMJAXYsbNzhwp7FfYnAsYP5ty3R9XnurPo


  • Total fixed Supply: 10 Billion

  • Total Distribution: 8.5 Billion (85%)

  • Distribution begins 25 nov 21


Trust line distribution-DPMF DELIVER ACC:  rDLPDG8pNpXsk4xFxHApHd83W7nKUAvfzf


  • ​Tradable on opening: 0.5 billion (5%)


At 00:01 (GMT) 11 Nov - 25 Nov 2021, available to buy on Sologenic DEX, any none purchased XDX will be returned into the DPMF delivery acc. to distribute via future trust lines.


  • ​D. P. Monks finance holdings: 1 billion (10%)

  • D. P. Monks Finance holdings acc.: rBKRjtYdxJkFdnbbk2u2JWh4ZUyszGXrTR


Smart contract hook being implemented on DPMF holding supply (watch for announcements)




 XDX is a currency that is utilised to applications being built by D.P.Monks Finance Ltd. we aim to expand the token into use cases past our own products, to develop and advance into:


  • More exchanges to trade/invest on

  • Public voting onto Flare Networks

  • Currency in gaming (VR/Metaverse)

  • Medium of exchange on XRPL for NFT


​XDX holders will qualify for airdrops of native applications tokens built by D.P.Monks finance Ltd created in the future. this will be to decentralise tokens into the community quickly on future project launches.



the RHAD token will exist on project XD2, an analytical application. the token has been specifically created as a DeFi token to distribute as a reward/earn feature to users who utilise the application with additional accumulation functions on launch.


  • ​It will have a Deflationary Distributing Fixed Supply

  • Total distribution: XDX holders only initially.


All RHAD after is earned/accumulated.


​70% (predicted 5% +/-) of profits from project XD2 are put into the RHAD token distributed to application users daily. rewards for RHAD holdings increase RHAD earn feature.


​D. P. Monks Finance Holdings

D.P.Monks finance Ltd will not qualify to participate in the RHAD token earn/accumulate feature and will not participate in the airdrop. but will be ranked automatically on project XD2 as its creator for partnership ranking.


Launch of project XD2


On project XD2 launch the application will provide a wallet feature to transfer your XDX tokens to hold on a specific time and date to qualify for the RHAD token airdrop.


There will be only 1 airdrop of RHAD, there after it is earned through the use of project XD2 application.



Despite the company being fairly new, it is still worth mentioning that the team behind the project is made up of seasoned professionals who are all well-versed in this domain. Among the source of revenue will be the token XDX, given that the company is the sole developer of the token, making the outgoings relatively small. Despite this, there exist leniency in terms of revenue sources, given that the company will be earning its revenue from the application profits from project XD2. Sales of the token are not reliant on the company’s success but will be put into its broadened adoption. The token, however, doesn’t serve as a security of the company’s future, one of the main reasons why the project was self-funded and private investors were not reached out to despite several angel investors showing great interest in the project given its immense potential. Had the company owed investors a return for the XDX, it would secure the token XDX to the company’s investors.


Due to sole proprietorship, the token has not been offered for ICO and will be serving as a currency for the first digital application being built by the company that has been briefly discussed above. In other words, since the company is the sole investor and developer of the asset, XDX, it makes the token all the more independent and less complicated, giving birth to numerous prospects where it can have its worth shooting through the room in a matter of months.


Though there have been some discussion regarding possible partnerships going on since February 2020, it yet remains to be decided and any major decisions will be unveiled at the later stages of the project.


The currency will be circulated in the market with 85-90% of the tokens delivered and decentralised within a target of approximately 2 years. The analytical application will be launched in 2022 after that will allow people to partake in practice trades, free of any cost or loss practicing to trade. The currency of the application will be XDX of course which will be traded for the value of information. The platform is ideal for people who are new to crypto trading and are looking for ways to learn the art by partaking in activities pertaining to the trade of crypto without having to pay any fee or suffer any financial loss. This includes that 80% of the population that fail at trading in their first year.

The analytical application will allow for free practising and even for free technical trading where the traders will be able to gather information to develop trading strategies from analysts. These analysts will receive payment from the traders in the form of XDX, whereas beginners will be able to learn for free.



The analytical app will offer its users the following features:

  • Analytics

  • News

  • Wallets

  • Trading forums/chat groups

  • Charting tools


The educational features will offer content along with videos, infographics, and much more. Again, the application’s real operational mechanism is being kept secret and is intended to be preserved from scammers and copycats. The token is live and is in no need of financial funding for its sustenance. XDX will serve as a token for the application briefly discussed and the future applications developed by D.P.Monks Finance Ltd while having no reliance on the company whatsoever. This attests to the legitimacy of the token and validates the credibility of the entire project


Device Coverage




The XD2 applications design will be compatible with the following major platforms:

  • Android

  • iOS


Potential Risks


Being a disruptor, the XDX project is bound to face some resistance, whereas some will try to replicate it, others will try to overtake it in order to preserve their personal interests. Keep in mind that it is essentially neither about personal gains of the company as evident from the nature of the project nor is it about reforming the existing landscape of the market. Rather, it is about making the crypto market more accessible to new entrants. It is about exposing the fraudulent elements hiding in the shadows and looting the people of their hard-earned cash. Crypto has brought new hope to the world and offers to restore the financial scales, restore the power in the hands of the people, and ultimately provide a truly decentralised financial system that is free of manipulation or intrusion of regulators.




No competition exists as of yet.


Final Word

What started out as an idea, an afterthought to an already propagating enigma that keeps reshaping itself, taking on one form after the previous, blockchain and cryptocurrency are the building blocks of the future. Those who wish to adopt will prevail, those who don’t, will be perished. D. P. Monks Finance looks to play its part in making the future a little bit brighter. For that, we are willing to shake the very foundation of this industry. XDX will become a token synonymous with accreditation and access to a plethora of academic material and valuable insights of experts who can help the novice set their roots in the future that is nothing but crypto.

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